Punch for Freckle & Harvest

The easiest way to do time tracking

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Supported services

Link up with your favorite time tracking service

Punch works swiftly together with Harvest and Freckle*. Link up your account and start adding some time slips!

* Support for other services might be in the pipeline, just saying.

Write shorthand time units

The fastest way to enter the amount of time you worked on a task, is through shorthand time units. 30m, 2h30, 1:25 — whatever floats your boat.

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Autocomplete screenshot

Autocomplete makes it faster and error-free

No-one likes to stress on correctly spelling a project or task. That's why Punch autocompletes as much as possible. It's super fast and error-free!

Add today's time slips, yesterday's and the day before

Other than adding tracking today's time, Punch allows you to quickly add time slips for yesterday and the day before. Super fast, super easy.

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